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The Backbone of my Practice

Besides my life, business, and spiritual experiences, I share with you the methods that I know work, as I use them myself.  Below is a list of my favorite tools, crafted by generous teachers that I feel confident will bring you the most empowerment.

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    Systemic Family Constellations

    Systemic Family Constellation resolves generational and other inherited trauma.  This elegant process of tapping into The Knowing Field produces an embodied, visceral, visual, and experiential way to make our internal patterns conscious. From here, we learn to love, honor, and remember in a way that frees us to be ourselves.

    This powerful tool makes an appearance in most of my sessions and finds its peak experiences explored in group settings. I also use this method to experiment with collective or mass consciousness shifting.


    Look for my weekly groups, right now Mondays 7:15p-8p MT and monthly workshops, called Sacred Knowing.

    Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

    EFT is an energy psychology technique that is researched and with consistency, has been found to greatly reduce PTSD symptoms, stress, anxiety and pain, and can be applied to changing habits, dissolving limiting beliefs, releasing phobias, producing good health and assuring successful results, like in test taking, or interviewing. EFT, also known as Tapping, uses the meridian points in the body system, rooted in Chinese medicine. 

    Drop-in to my weekly Breakthrough group every Monday 5:15-6:15p MT to have a hands-on EFT and somatic stress relieving experience.

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    Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

    I use NLP techniques to help build new neuro-pathways that are positive, deliberate, and authentic to your greater sense of self.

    When we have a reactive, well-worn trauma response as our norm, this tool can interrupt the pattern without having to consciously understand, talk about, or even remember a root cause.  


    After an initial shift repatterning can be practiced and strengthened to fortify your success.

    Relationship Enhancement (RE)

    RE is an empathy-based educational communication practice that is a game changer in our ability to really get and understand each other and to navigate the feelings and messages beneath ours and others actions and words. 


    I use this to provide the best listening and understanding possible in nearly every conversation, including my own inner thoughts.  Providing empathy and reflection gives my clients the ability to empower themselves to their own best solutions.


    I host weekly practice groups for people that have done some training. Look for my schedule of 6-8 week in-person and on-line trainings, called Presence To Hear. 


    Voice Dialogue

    Our protections developed from our wounded places that we think are keeping us safe, can be restrictive and precipitate experiences that we do not prefer. Voice dialogue is a way of meeting our primary selves and connecting with the selves in us that have long been forgotten or pushed away. 

    Just one time using this method, can bring you an experience of increased creativity, relief from pain, and release of an inner conflict. Multiple experiences can give you access to a much larger freedom.


    Voice dialogue is my favorite tool, as loving and accepting all parts of oneself seems to potentiate an inner stability that reaches to the core of our being.


    This is a powerful force, enabling us to see deeper reality, to recognize the opportunities with all we interact with, and it is free.  It is not owned by any one philosophy or religion but is an intrinsic element in miracles and living a life of fulfillment.

    Drop-in to my weekly Grateful Space gratitude group every Monday 6:15-7:15p MT to discover the miracles that are available within you.

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