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Cultivating the Space for Grace

We all bear scars—from broken trust, isolation, grief and trauma.

As I began my healing, I found beloved mentors who created the safe space for me to understand that my body, mind and spirit are inter-related within and beyond. 

Every cell in my body is interconnected, as are the energetic systems in myself and the entire Universe.  Realizing this has become a catalyst for expansive healing with my clients, my community, and my world.

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    When patterns repeat, we can find ourselves reliving our pain as if for the first time, blaming ourselves, others, or feeling broken trust in life.


    An opportunity is here to learn from these patterns, deepening into understanding and growing a perspective that is wider and more honoring.

    This experience of living is a work in progress.  Self-discovery may take alternate paths and the journey reinforces that we are all capable of becoming more whole, at ease and empowered in our lives.


    I engage with clients to use the elements that appear to them from physical, emotional, and spiritual realms to recognize their greatest well-being and wholeness.

    It is my experience that I will witness at least one breakthrough in you and possibly many more. I know that you have everything you need to gain the fulfillment you are yearning for. 

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    My practice is grounded in Fine Arts, Energy, Transpersonal and Educational Psychology models, and Wholistic Kinesiology.   Bringing decades of experience consulting, facilitating, and coaching across these disciplines.

    Other life experience that is foundational to my resilience in working with clients is is owning and running a business collective, Source Community Healing Oasis, in Albuquerque, NM since 2006.


    My vision is to share my life as an instrument of awakening our mass consciousness, doing my part to bring heaven to earth.

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