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Highest Potential

What if trauma wasn’t a place you had to live?

What if your struggles are not your fault?

It's easy to give up on yourself when experiences repeat and you can't seem to make them change. It is natural to not feel strong enough to face your suffering. Making changes in your life can bring up huge resistance and feel like a part of you is going to die. And sometimes it seems that the best way to cope is to hide or push away the parts of you that hurt.

Making room for all these feelings of resistance, taught me that healing comes from wholeness, from visceral embodying and radical inclusion of all aspects of yourself. With each step towards inclusion, more freedom can take root.

If this feels like a fit for you, a way of solving your life's biggest challenges, you may have landed on these words on purpose.  Please reach out and we can explore together.

Sharing Breakthroughs 

Rebecca Nye


Charey is a mystic and guide with a wealth of transformational tools, deeply committed to helping those seeking healing, wholeness, and a joyful life



POWERFUL services that give you results. HEALING experiences. COMPETENT practioner. ** ONE OF A KIND***

Avery Kalapa

Queer + Trans Wellness, Yoga

Charey offers life changing, practical processes that help people release shame, heal at the root level, and experience the relationships they know they deserve. 

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